Long boards, broken bones & time at Home.

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It was around 10:00AM on May 20th 2015. It was a beautiful day. Some friends of our offered to watch our kids for a couple hours so Stacy and I decided to go on a quick date in our little town that we call home- Deer Park WA. We decided to get some coffee and go to a local meat shop, Eggers Meats (who makes the best beef jerky on the face of planet earth) and sit together and talk and eat beef jerk and sip coffee. Once we were done we thought we would go ride our longboards around our neighborhood. Stacy is very new to the longboard scene. She just got one for mothers day a couple of weeks ago. She was doing great though and getting the hang of it quickly. We were having so much fun together enjoying the sun, time without kids and some easy and fun physical activity. We were getting excited to go on a much needed family vacation to CA the next day.

We were on our way back to the house when Stacy just kind of slipped off the board , lost balance and rolled her ankle and just sat down on it. One minute her ankle worked wonderfully the next minute it was broken. It was very obvious that it didn't look right by the way it was hanging there. There was no walking on it. When she saw it, she started to get a little nervous... When I say nervous I really mean she was kind of panicky... Really what I mean to say is she went into shock. { Now most of us realize that when we break a bone that we drive the doctor's office, the wrap the wounded area in a cast, give us some meds to make us haaaapy, and we go on our merry way. My wife, however, is what some people may refer to as a little of a hypochondriac. She went from wanting an abulance, to fear of amputation, to being fairly certain she was going to die. I, being the good husband I am, laughed and assured her that she would be fine and that I could drive her to the clinic. So I called Sammy, a friend of ours that was close by, and she drove over and picked us up and took us to a local clinic. Stacy was in a lot of pain. But we know the Dr. at the clinic that we went to. He is an awesome Dr and gives great care. He is also a man of many talents. I really think he could do stand up comedy if he wanted to. This guys is one of the funniest people I know. His jokes and light heartedness was perfect for her. Looking back Stacy and I said even though that was one of the most painful parts of the day it was also one of the funnest parts of the day.

That's saying something. Because after she got X-rays we found out that Stacy had broke her ankle in three different places. The poor girl was in some pain. She was quite the trooper though. We got her set up with a splint and we are waiting for surgery in just a couple of days to pin it all back together. She has been adapting to her new found challenge and is learning how to move and be self sufficient. I'm learning how to adapt to. With a 6 year old, and 3 year old and a 6 month old in the house its been a challenge keeping up with them and helping Stacy but I'm starting to fine a bit of a rhythm.

We have been so blessed with our church family through all of this. They have helped with the kids, brought meals, cleaned the house, given encouragement and prayed a lot for us. I'm very thankful for the heart of God being displayed through the people of God. We feel very loved and we are very grateful.

It hasn't been the vacation we hopped for, but the time together as a family has been good. We have been teaching Yahtzee to Olivia, our oldest, watching movies together and just enjoying time at home together. It hasn't been without it hard moments, frustration and pain but at the same time it has been nice just to be stuck at home with each other. God has been too good to us. As a friend of ours often says "better than I deserve." That's the truth. We are doing better than we deserve. We are imperfect and this has brought some of our impactions to the surface. Irritability, frustration, and impatience often are closer to suffice than we would like. But it's also been a very grace filled expectance that I'm very grateful for.

I love my family dearly. It's been great spending time with them. I feel horrible for Stacy but she has been muscling though it. We have another adventure and stories to tell. And we have had opportunities to grow and laugh together along the way. So for all of this I'm very grateful.

It's about lunch time and I need to go. PB&J was being chanted a couple of minutes ago by the kids so I better go and help them. Thank you for reading though our story and thank you for your prayers. Take care everyone!!!

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